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Shirk Photography is for anyone searching out a photographer that won’t just take your typical cookie cutter picture.  Ben went above and beyond during our session trying to find my son’s personality. He totally captured it and
we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.
- Jenny Christensen



Photographic Artist

I would be honored to create something original, just for you. ~ Ben

Ben is an artist who stumbled into the world of photography and fell in love with it. Capturing the human form has always been his passion. Always a pencil in hand when he was young, drawing whatever he dreamed about. Ben spent years drawing the people around him… always trying to capture the moment on paper. Studying nuances in the way an arm bent or the how the curls of someone’s hair fell across their nose. Fascinated how a single line could completely change the way something looked.

By fusing photography and digital art, Ben has unleashed his creativity. He looks forward to learning about each and every one of his clients and their interests and telling their unique story through creative portrait art.

Shirk Photography Award Winning Creative Photographer PortraitBen’s drive and passion for creating unique images has helped create a very high demand for his work and has helped him win many prestigious national and international awards…  including the Canon Par Excellence, Kodak Gallery Elite, Fuji Masterpiece, WPPI Grand Award, PPA International Diamond Photographer of the Year, and World Photographic Cup Gold Medalist to name a few.

Ben is 1 of only 5 photographers in the world to ever to be named a PPA Double Diamond Photographer of the Year.  And he is the only photographer in the world to be a top 3 finalist in 3 different categories in the World Photographic Cup (in which he walked away with 2 golds and 1 silver in the same year).



Photographer & Portrait Artist





Ben recognizes how fortunate he is to have found success in a career that is also his passion.  In an effort to give back and help others achieve the same, Ben has been sharing his creativity, techniques, knowledge and experience with other photographers around the world at workshops, seminars and online.  Learn more on our website created just for photographers.

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