Master Artist Competition

At the PPA International Print Competition there
are two different contests. One is the Photographic Open Competition and the
other is the Master Artist Competition. I wrote a blog earlier about my Loan
prints in the Photographic Open Competition but I haven’t yet gotten around to
writing about the Master Artist Competition. Seniors, Families, and Weddings
have been keeping me very busy these past couple months but wanted to quickly
share one of my three Loan images in the Master Artist Competition.

I originally created part of this background for
the Durant Wrestling Team Poster last year but for competition I decided I wanted to try
something a little different. I was already entering two other sports posters
(they won also) and wanted to change it up a bit. I decided to make it into a
post apocalyptic crazy bride scene 🙂 I came up with the idea only a week or so
before images were due for competition so I didn’t have much time to put it

I convinced my wife Sara to help me out. I found
her wedding dress from 10 years ago hanging in the closet and had her slip it
on. Then told her to pretend she was angry at me. I’m not sure where she found
her inspiration 😉 but she did an awesome job acting it out! We tried a few
different poses with baseball bats and cinder blocks but ended up loving the
dynamics of her throwing a bouquet at the camera. I then needed some bridesmaids
helping her out in the scene. For the bridesmaid I recruited Taylor, my niece
and studio helper. Sara had a bunch of old bridesmaid dresses from past weddings
so I had Taylor put one on and had her pretend she was rampaging around a city –
breaking windows, setting cars on fire, and such.

Below are some of my original images I used to
build the scene


Obviously there was a lot of time spent photographing, extracting, blending elements, and changing colors and tones but I ended up with something pretty fun I think.
bride, loan image, bridesmaids, apocalypse, bridezilla, rubble, abandoned city
The final scene that I created from the above elements!