There are not many people who would say a rainy cold night would make an ideal couple’s session but then again you can’t really argue with how cool these images look. 

We were staying in St. Louis at the old Grand Central Station and it was a rainy cold night out. We had done a bunch of portraits inside but I really wanted to do something creative.  I suggested to Jason and Stephanie that we try some creative things outside in the rain with the street lights reflecting in the puddles.  They thought it was a great idea and were fine with putting up with a little cold for some truly unique portraits.

As you can see we were definitely successful!

I love how you can just barely see the St. Louis Arch in the background!

Loved this portrait outside at the Union Station Hotel!

You would not believe how difficult it was to get an old school yellow cab!

 Check out their silhouette through the rainy rear window
of the cab 🙂

How cool is this ending!