Illustrative work

Besides entering some prints into competition I also  entered some of my digital art into the PPA Digital Artist Category.  It is judged a little differently than normal prints and other factors are taken into consideration besides just the final result.  Judges look at the artistic vision and the original elements the maker used to create the art piece.  Three of my four prints merited with one of those prints being accepted into the Loan collection.    Below are the images I entered.

Titled – Final Drive – created for a senior football player

Titled – Persephone’s Solace  The entire landscape for this piece was created from a single bush…

Titled- A Sound In The Wood.   The forest in this art piece was drawn entirely in photoshop.  I originally created this background while teaching a class in Cincinnati with the amazing fashion photographer Lindsay Adler


This robot was created entirely from images I captured of metal working machines in New Orleans. The building I photographed the machines in was also used in the movie the Expendables – it was their home base in the movie. The background behind the robot was from an abandoned factory in Cincinnati.

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