Desert Brides

Last month I traveled to Las Vegas to teach some photography courses. When ever we had some free time some friends and I would head out into the desert to play. On one of the days we found an old ghost town about an hour outside of Vegas. We knew we only had a few hours before we had to be back and there were so many cool opportunies with our two brides that we knew we were going to want more time. We checked the time on our cell phones a little while later and suddenly noticed that it was already time to go. We quickly scrambled to pack up all our gear. While we were packing everything back into the car Dan McClanahan called his wife Alex to check in – luckily she checked the time too and noticed we still had another hour (we had unknowingly crossed another time zone). So the happy news was we had more time to play and that’s when I took the time to create the shot of the bride standing on the water tower below.

This plane wreck was supposedly from the set of 3000 Miles to Graceland


We headed out to Red Rock Canyon on another morning.  We left at 5:30 that morning to catch the sunrise even though we only had stopped shooting at 3:30 am the “night” before.  2 hours sleep was well worth the beautiful opportunity.