After Dark

Every year we take a few weeks off to study with the very best photographers in the country. We travel all around the United States to learn new techniques and get new ideas. The very best opportunity that we have found is AfterDark. AfterDark has the very best of everything. It is a hands on learning experience where photographers have the opportunity to shoot along side of the countrys leading experts in almost every area from lighting and posing, to photoshop, fine art, and marketing. You don’t simply just sit in a lecture hall and listen to them you actually are taking models out and working side by side or sitting on a couch with them as they show and discuss their post processing techniques and marketing ideas.

This fall we had the opportunity to help out at AfterDark in Austin Texas. Austin’s city theme is “keep Austin wierd” and there was definitely some very cool opportunities. Each night at AfterDark was a different modeling theme. One night it was bikers and ballerinas, the next was bands and street performers, another night was photographing models with amazing tattoos.

Very soon we will be heading down to Miami to learn more and help out again. It is going to be another amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to hang out with all our photog friends again.

Here are a few images from AfterDark Austin

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