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Terms of Use: Products for Photographers

NOTICE!! Shirk Photography templates can not be used by photographers or for clients located in Iowa or within 200 miles of our studio (Wilton, IA 52778). Please contact us with any uncertainties.

By purchasing any Shirk Photography product, you agree to the following:

Due to the digital nature of Shirk Photography products, they are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-transferrable.

INTENDED USE:   Shirk Photography products include a single user license. Installation on computers not owned directly by the purchaser is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. All Shirk Photography products, templates and elements therein are strictly for YOU to create portraits and other creative projects for YOUR CLIENTS in either printed or flattened electronic media form. You do not have to credit Shirk Photography when using the product in this manner. (Ex: credit does not have to be given when posting an image to Facebook for your client.)

COPYRIGHT: All products, templates, and elements therein are copyright protected. Sharing, copying, changing, manipulating, distributing or selling our products in any way or form is STRICTLY PROHIBITED BY COPYRIGHT LAWS.

PUBLICATION/DISPLAYS: Only allowed if proper credit is given to Shirk Photography. Prior approval REQUIRED. (Ex: magazine publication, use of image by a photo lab for tradeshow display, etc.)

STRICTLY PROHIBITED: No entering of any Shirk Photography template or template elements therein into any type of competition.  (Does not apply to Brushes.  Brushes may be used to create unique artwork that CAN be entered into competition.)

STRICTLY PROHIBITED: No reselling of any Shirk Photography products, templates or elements therein. Do not use any elements within to create a new template to sell as your own.

If you have any uncertainty regarding the use of Shirk Photography templates and all elements therein, please call us at 563.732.2432.