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Next Chapter Photoshop Template

Earn up to $15 Game Changers Cash


Pretty much the coolest book template ever!  This template is going to amaze your clients as the pages of the book can be switched out to any standard book pages you want.  Just think about the possibilities – a favorite book, a drama kid with a play book, a diary, a journal, a sketch pad, sheets of music, or even passages from the Bible.  Just photograph any standard book page, insert and the template will warp them for you and fit them exactly to the book!  Crazy, right?!?!

The warp feature of the pages will work in Photoshop CS2 or higher.  However, an alternate version is included (without the warp feature) for use in Elements and CS.

Mind still racing?  How about a child and their favorite Disney story… simply have your clients bring their book in, take a picture of the pages and insert for an instant princess look!

This template comes with a FULL TUTORIAL VIDEO for lighting your subject and using the template.  But for a quick preview watch this demo video to see how fast and simple this template is to use!

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Fully functioning in Photoshop CS2 and Newer. A second version is included for use in Photoshop CS and Elements WITHOUT the page insert/warp feature., Mac, PC

Template Details

15 Layer PSD (16″x24″ @ 300 dpi)
Lighting Setup Diagram
Sample Shots
Tutorial Video


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