Beautiful Engagement

Megan and Sam love
the outdoors and wanted to do something that reflected who they were. We did
some brainstorming together and came up with the idea of photographing them
along the banks of the river. I few days before their session I happened to get
up a little earlier (okay a lot earlier) than usual and as I was driving to one
of my sessions I saw the steam rising off the water as I crossed the bridge just
before sun rise and thought that it looked pretty amazing. So later that day I
called them and told them that I wanted to reschedule their session for sunrise
(most days that is out of the question because I normally work past midnight).
That morning I got up extra early, loaded the boat and all my equipment and was
on the river before sunrise. Luckily last year I had come across the perfect old
oar boat and had purchased it just in case I ever needed it for a session. I
found some old oars in the attic of my parents garage that happened to match the
boat exactly. I also brought one of my old muslin backgrounds that was just the
right color and texture for making a cool vintage tent. When I got to the river
the steam was rising off the river and the sun was just beginning to have the
pink orange glow of sunrise. I loaded a bunch of my equipment into the boat and
oared a few hundred yards downstream to a sand bar along the bank. I pulled the
boat to shore and quickly began setting up everything. I found two pieces of
drift wood and stuck them into the sand to make the poles of the tent and tied a
rope between them then draped my background across to make a tent. Then I laid
down an old quilt on the ground for them to sit on.. Then I gathered some
firewood and placed an picnic basket near the tent with an old book setting on
top. Soon Megan and Sam arrived. There was a steep trail that lead down from the
road above to the sandbar that they followed down. The steam was still rising
off the water and the sun had now broken over the trees lighting the sand bar,
tent and oar boat in a golden haze and the rest of the morning…. well see for

This portrait will be a 40 inch print hanging in their home with a series of smaller portraits from their session above it.